I blog about anything, essentially a random spew of consciousness. Now featuring 15% more sarcasm. Take seriously anything I write at your own risk to health and happiness.

Here’s how this blog works:

  1. I write stuff with little to no effort
  2. You all love it, considering it the best thing ever. You reblog, tweet, and share it.
  3. Oprah walks into my living room, showering me with cash, confetti, and unbridled power.

But I’d settle for just 1 and 2 because I have low standards and an embarrassingly small attention span. Just think, you just gave up a fraction of your life reading this.

You’re welcome.


Also find me here:



  • “If it weren’t for Rachel Being Chatty, I would’ve never become the president of the United States.” -Benjamin Franklin
  • “I didn’t know what a car was until I read RBC’s posts. I also didn’t know what love was. Now I know.” – Henry Ford 
  • “Who’s Rachel? Why are you in my house?” – Will Ferrell
  • “It was only through Rachel’s laughter that I went on to conquer Asia. And I started putting my hand in my coat. Like this. See?” -Napoleon Bonaparte
  • “RBC is a hot website. Pretty fucking hot.” – Queen Victoria









29 thoughts on “About”

  1. You getta car…..you getta car….you getta car and then you all get gift taxed out the wazoo. Apprently one of Oprah’s lesser known favorite things is the IRS.

    Enjoy you’re writing and your wonderfully skewed view of life.


    Liked by 1 person

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Now featuring 15% more sarcasm.

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