I’m at the grocery store at the pick up area, where they pull the items from the shelves and load it into your car directly, and I tried to figure out how many times I’ve done this. It’s a very convenient service.

At some point, I wonder how many times I’ll do this before thinking that it might be easier if we all, as a community, pulled up to the store 3 times a day, and they could just, even more directly, shovel the food into my mouth.

I could even lean my butt out of the car enough, and someone could have a bedpan at the ready. While idling, someone could slide underneath my car to give it a check up.

Someone else could spray a firehose into the passenger window and give me a shower. It could be laced with soap to save yet another step.

Better yet, just put us in one of those human baby pods from The Matrix and let’s go all the way convenient.