So, my boss is too cheap to buy one of those paper towel dispensers that hangs on the wall, so instead the paper multi-fold towels just lie there on the counter top, naked and afraid.

Okay, so whenever a person needs a towel, their hand is wet. Makes sense, right? No dry-handed person needs a towel for anything ever. So, my hand, every time, drips onto the stack when I reach for one to dry my hands.

My question is, at what point of water build-up, which soaks into the stack every time, start to contaminate the stack and make every towel more and more hand-flavored?

At what point, because I know there’s a tipping point, does it make my hands more dirty to dry them with a towel than to just wave my hands above my head like an idiot, attempting to air-dry them?

I think of stuff like this. It’s a curse, I know. You crunch numbers wherever accounts work, and I think about contaminated hand-drying towels.