Catfishing in Reverse

One day,  I really want to try reverse catfishing.

You know how normal catfishing works, where someone not hot pretends they are hot, often with other people’s pictures. For some reason, people like to do this, even though the entire facade melts away the moment they meet. Then they’re left with nothing, other than 7 cats and ice cream.

But I want to try the reverse, where I pretend to be 400 pounds (also with the cats and ice cream), and when I show up in person, I’m a reasonably/somewhat attractive person.

That might be a little cruel, because then he, also at 400 pounds or whatever, is at a naturally greater risk of a heart attack. The surprise might take him to jebus. So, really, reverse catfishing kills fat people.

That would be highly inconsiderate of me.





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