When You Use “Drizzle”

If you use the words “drizzle” or “moist,” I instantly think you’re a pervert.

Sorry. They’re just facts used against you. Facts have betrayed you, just like the ring betrayed Golum.

Go back to your misty mountains or whatever. I’ll keep the bread that keeps you full for days. I could stand to lose a few pounds.





One thought on “When You Use “Drizzle””

  1. HIlarious! My sister and a close friend decided two of the worst words were “moist” and “crotch.” So funny that you listed that here as well. I immediately think of nasty things when I hear “moist”. Don’t care that it can be used for cake or potting soil for planting. It is associated with perversion.
    Oh! and the word, “juking”.


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