Being a Stripper Would Be Cool

Sometimes I think being a stripper would be cool.

Think about it, you can make your own hours, you meet someone new everyday, and you get paid to do pole yoga.

There’s always a buff dude to take a guy away if you don’t like him, which is more than I can say for the dates I’ve been on. I could’ve used a bouncer for the guy I went on a date with that tried to shove his tongue down the inside of my neck after I complimented the stripes on his inside-out polo shirt.

Although, the biggest benefit would be to always have singles to put on my laundry charge card for the pay-to-operate washer and dryer at my apartment. I’m always running out of singles for that thing, and rubbing my tits onto a fifty year old man seems like the most ethical way to go about it.



3 thoughts on “Being a Stripper Would Be Cool”

  1. It’s not cracked up what it sounds like. Depending on the client sometimes you wanna slap that bitch for giving you a weak ass tip after having to deal with hair pendejadas for the entire night. Do you think Juan Luis spent 20 bucks they have every right to claim your whole time at the club. Since I am no holler back girl you better believe I will tell someone something and they’re disrespecting me I will show them how to respect me.


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