Bad Chopsticks Logic

Listen, I like Chopsticks as much as the next person. I love Japanese culture. But let’s break this down.

Okay, so it’s thousands of years ago, and the Japanese people have easy access to Rice. So they think to themselves, so our main staple of food are the tiniest particles ever in the history of planet Earth; let’s create a utensil for eating that would pick up the tiny particles in the least efficient manner.

Think about it. Chopsticks and tiny rice are the worst matchup ever. If they found each other on Tinder, neither would swipe right. A spoon would be a more appropriate match for tiny rice.

Or ginormous rice, like if each particle of rice was as large as a donut. Then chopsticks would make sense.

You’re welcome, Japan.






2 thoughts on “Bad Chopsticks Logic”

  1. So I read your first sentence and thought this was going to be about Chopsticks the Song, as in the little diddy that Tom Hanks plays with his feet on the giant keyboard in the movie Big… And then it turns out to be this deep question that is going to haunt me every time I eat at a Japanese restaurant from now on. WHY, ancient Japanese people, WHY????


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