I Want to See the Bathrooms at the Zoo

My friend and I went to a very popular zoo while I’m out of town. It was great.

We got to see exotic animals like rhinoceroses and elephants. There were very helpful mile marker type signs to guide people to the right animal exhibits.

In a row, it said gorillaz, tigers, penguins, stingrays, baboons, and bathrooms.

Honestly, I wanted to go see the bathrooms exhibit. It must be fascinating to see them in their natural habitat. They’re not on the endangered list, though. Their numbers are flourishing due to conservation efforts and they continue to grow.








2 thoughts on “I Want to See the Bathrooms at the Zoo”

  1. You have reminded me of when I see those dishonest School Crossing signs. Even waiting patiently for hours, I’ve yet to see one cross the street. I don’t know who’s responsible for putting up these publicly funded deceptions, but it’s certainly a racket.


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