I Like PewDiePie?

So, I’ve watched 14.5 YouTube videos from PewDiePie, and dare I say that I’m starting to like him?

I don’t mean like him romantically or like him as a person. I mean like his material.

It’s such a shock to me because I’m not supposed to like his material. Society has told me not to like his stuff, just like Society says not to play catch with dinosaur eggs or play hide and go seek with critically endangered Malayan tiger cubs.

I promise I’m not saying these things for the sole reason of hoping that PewDiePie will give me a shout out.

Okay, maybe a little.






4 thoughts on “I Like PewDiePie?”

  1. The media will vilify and defame anyone they do not care for it has become so much more obvious since I started following Pewdipie’s content

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