Become a Patron of RBC!

The option to be a patron of Rachel Being Chatty (this website) is back!

Sorry for waffling on this one, folks. I had it up, then I took it down at one point (I honestly can’t remember why).

I applied for Wordads here on WordPress (a way to make some small income here and there via blogging), but I wasn’t accepted. I think there’s a minimum amount of followers needed. So, this is a way for those who want to support RBC to do so.

My Patreon page support goes toward freeing up my time to write more content, and it allows me to give out some cool perks, rewards, giveaways, and contests.


Here are some of the perks/rewards I’m offering:

  • Exclusive humor posts, polls, giveaways, and contests
  • Give me a word and I’ll say it in a post
  • I’ll tweet out by name how awesome you are
  • You pick something I rant about
  • Be featured on my Wall of Patrons by name or anonymous, with or without your website included
  • And more! (see the page for more details on the above items)


No worries if none of this is of interest to you. Feel free to continue worshiping reading and enjoying for free for as long as you like.



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