Shakespeare is Dead

Do those Shakespearean actors know that he’s dead?

They’re allowed to stop now. He’s not exactly overseeing the rehearsals.

They should all be happy that I set them free.







6 thoughts on “Shakespeare is Dead”

  1. Lol. It’s only just that Shakespeare is dead, after murdering so many of his characters. He’s the George RR Martin of his time. Not saying George should die. George, if you’re reading this: please don’t die.


  2. My best friend is a Shakespeare addict and he wouldn’t agree with you. 🙂 He takes workshops (he’s an actor) and sees all the Shakespearean drama that comes to town (NYC). So William Shakespeare is actually still going strong–maybe it’s the underlying morality as well as the words. We need some morality in this day and age. Or always.


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