The Cheapest Fanciest Cheese

One day, I want to go to one of those lofty, snobby cheese tasting events and smuggle in some Easy Cheese in a can.

My plan is to squirt it on some tiny crackers and sneak it onto the sample platters.

10 points to me if nobody notices, 50 points if nobody batts an eye when eating it, and 1,000,000 points if it’s voted the best cheese there.


The points are not redeemable and have no cash value.







2 thoughts on “The Cheapest Fanciest Cheese”

  1. you reminded me of a feeling i often get, which is this:
    i would sometime like to go to a wine tasting event… go through all those glasses and sniff through all of them….
    Pity I know almost nothing about wine !


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