A Rude Canadian

I just want to meet a rude Canadian. Just one.

I understand it’s a rare find. I understand it’s racist to think all Canadians are nice. They’re probably the four leaf clover.

But I won’t rest till I find one. I know there was a serial killer Canadian, once. But even still, he probably whistled while he worked.







9 thoughts on “A Rude Canadian”

      1. We didn’t. It was funny. They didn’t like us either. First they sat near us at a trivia contest and heard us discuss answers with our team and then stole our answers. We caught on and said fake answers loudly and they got it wrong. We all went to the bar that made cocktails. We were friends with the bartender because she had also been our bartender on a previous cruise. They glared at us whenever the bartender was chatting with us.

        The funniest thing was on the first leg of our return flight. We flew first class because we were using airline miles and that was all they had. They get on the plane and see us sitting in first class. My husband says hello and waves and they glare at him.

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      2. LOL They must have been so envious! THAT, my friend, is instant karma, and they deserved it! For being rude to you, and for being rude in general, scrapping our spotless reputation… Mouahahhahahahaha


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