Throwback Thursday: What I Would Do in Pepsi’s Controversial Commercial

I’m sure you’ve all seen Pepsi’s controversial commercial, where that Jenner chick hands a Pepsi to a police officer in a protest scene.

First of all, to those giving her crap about being in the commercial, how dare you. She is a celebrity, and celebrities are not humans like we are. They are celebrities. They literally do not share the same DNA as us.

Seriously. Google it. Fact.

Anyway, what I would do in the commercial is walk out from the crowd and hand the police officer a cassette tape of Weird Al Yankovic and a live field mouse. I would watch the confusion dawn across his face.

Then I would probably attempt the Macarena and top it all off with hosing myself down with Pepsi until I’m sticky.

I don’t know. I’m out of ideas.

Someone call Pepsi and tell them to pay me for my ideas. I don’t work for free.





Original post here.


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