Salad Related Game Shows

I’m a genius. In an effort to shave off a few calories, I only placed 7 (yes, I counted) croutons on my salad.

Then, I had an idea. I used a lime squeezer to crush the croutons into a billion little bits, which I sprinkled all over the salad. So now, every bite has a crouton.

I’m so smart. They should put me on a game show. But only ones where they solely ask salad and crouton related questions.






2 thoughts on “Salad Related Game Shows”

  1. Great idea – have you considered using a scissors on the lettuce leafs? That way, if you’re eating eight leafs of lettuce and you cut them in half, you can still eat eight leafs and save the other half for the next day. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for making me smile. You have a great sense of humor. Ray


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