VCRs But No Smart Phones

I recently watched 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell, and it was shocking hearing him curse after watching so many seasons of The Office.

Also, it brought me back to an era of VCRs and no smart phones.

So that was pretty terrifying.







14 thoughts on “VCRs But No Smart Phones”

      1. Haha deserve the self love! We the faithful readers clearly aren’t stepping up in the adulation stakes. Must. Try. Harder.


      2. Amazon would accept CAD. Probably a ways out, as I’d want to put enough posts in it to make it worth people’s time and funds. But I’m definitely considering it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes-I guess you will have to plan it carefully. All I know is, if you had a little book out – I’d buy it tomorrow. I mean now 😊


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