My Thoughts on Being a Goddess (Buzzwords)

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it time that women stop telling each other how amazing and capable we are?

Follow me here, but do we really need this constant pep talk after so many decades of women’s rights and advancement?

I think by now we should just all…know that we’re awesome, but no more awesome than any other gender, be it male, transgender, etc. It feels like some groups of women feel insecure about how awesome they are, so they feel the need to repeat buzzwords like “goddess” (taken advantage of by companies in advertising) in an effort to stave off deflation. It reeks of desperation.

Not convinced? I’ll give you an example. Take power, for instance. If you have to go around announcing how powerful you are, it’s an absolute way of knowing how little power you have. If you have legitimate power, you don’t have to announce it. Hell, you don’t have to say it at all. People simply know it.

How about we simply strive to be a great human being. In this world, that’s an elevated enough status.






3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Being a Goddess (Buzzwords)”

  1. Well spoken. I’ve known I’m awesome for some time, but that’s taken experiences and the odd high five in the mirror. It is a given and shouldn’t even be under discussion. We are all equal. High five to you for getting serious.


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