My Wifi Password and Indian Rando

Last week I went to an activity where we wrote messages in bottles. Then someone gathered them together to toss them into the sea when she’s there this weekend.

Now that I think of it, I can’t remember whether I gave her the bottle with the message in it or the bottle where I store my wifi password.

Well, if I’m wrong then some rando in India is going to be watching a lot of porn on my server.






9 thoughts on “My Wifi Password and Indian Rando”

      1. What?! Even with my (bordering on) creepy reading everything you post? Man, I gotta get myself a hacker to up the Canada numbers. But first I’ll cook dinner. Priorities.


      2. Haha. Ok, I’m leaving for a while to create some fake accounts. Royal Mounted Polly. Um, Toronto Tell All, Poutine Pervert … all RBC fans.


      3. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble! I know I should be out with friends on a Saturday night but, between you and Netflix and cheese I think I’ll just do fine 😀


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