I’m a Shy Peeer

I’m a very shy peeer. When peeing, even in the privacy of a stall, when someone enters the bathroom, my pelvic muscles contract and I momentarily stop peeing.

It takes forever to sooth the pelvic muscles with a lulliby, warm milk, and incense candles before they relax enough to resume.

Sometimes, it takes 20 minutes just to pee.






9 thoughts on “I’m a Shy Peeer”

  1. I’m at a DR’s office waiting room. Everyone is starring at me. I’m the wierd lady cracking up even as I type this. Rachel… you done turned me. I’m such a fan!


    1. Don’t worry. The staff at the medical office are reading Rachel behind the scenes. That is why the appointments run late. I speak from experience (although I can’t say who right now).

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  2. Occasionally, we try to do the “hold it in” thing with other-than-peeing but that never ends well, at least in my experience…

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