The Church of Rachel

Did you all hear that Justin Beiber started a church? Eek. I almost went atheist there for a second.

Maybe I should start a church. That’d be cool. Although I’m not sure I’d trust myself to lead one without it spiraling down into a cult pretty quickly.

I’d like to think I’d resist the sweet seduction of power, but in reality, everyone there would be calling me God within a week.






2 thoughts on “The Church of Rachel”

  1. The path to glory and greatness? Your own church? Divinity, even?

    Yet, to this end you’ll need more loyal worshippers. I’m talking huge and juicy numbers here.

    You might start adding a “postaday” tag to all your new posts (No strings attached. I mean, half-naked guys are not going to flood your comments with unbecoming pictures of themselves). Your posts will be easier to find with a “postaday” tag. It’s a WordPress dot com little thingie 😉
    Really want to see your site stats skyrocket. If you don’t deserve it, Rachel, then I don’t know who does.


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