I ALSO hate numbers and math! Check out this funny and charming blogger I’ve come to discover. Bitter people are my people.

Ben's Bitter Blog

You know how most people when they are young have no idea what they want to be when they grow up? Except maybe that they wanted to be a movie star, or a fire fighter, or a ballerina? Surprisingly, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember the day it happened. We were in 7th grade and my teacher made us look into careers. The first thing I chose was of course was Accounting, because I am really good at numbers and being boring.

Just kidding I hate numbers and math. And it turns out accounting as I learned in college. Balancing a budget, spreading a sheet, all epic fails. I should have known after I failed 1st grade math.  So I checked the next thing in the alphabet, and advertising came up. I remember that I liked to be creative and make dumb…

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