My Only Experience With Time Travel

I think my only experience with time travel is forgetting to turn the page in my day calendar at work.

Traveling back to the past didn’t seem any different than the present, but I did get the date wrong on a bunch of reports.




This post is dedicated to Ilya Horatio as a Patreon reward.


3 thoughts on “My Only Experience With Time Travel”

  1. Whoa! That’s unexpected Rachel!
    Thank you for the dedication.

    Never supported anyone on Patreon in my life before. We Russians are very suspicious folks. I look at bananas and I am suspicious of them. You saw that banana grin too? Take that, stupid banana! *Beating it into a pulp* That’s better. Stupid banana with its stupid grin. Someone’s uploading that banana beating on Youtube? Let them!
    Supporting Rachel’s witticisms is alright.

    For those who enjoy reading “Rachel Being Chatty” and out of ideas as to how to let Rachel know that she is doing something worthy of both your – readers’ – and her time I highly suggest you support Rachel on Patreon. Even a mere $1 a month of support is great! $2 a month and beyond are just fantastic: you’re like a rockstar or something!

    Thank you for your witticisms, Rachel!
    They do make my days brighter 😉


    1. Awe Ilya, thank you for the kind words! One day I hope to visit Russia and open up a million of those little Russian doll thingies.


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