Outreach to Russia and India

I’ve been noticing an increase in page views from Russia and India, so in an attempt to do outreach to those countries, I’ve translated the following message:

Не сжимай мою маринованную сельдь так сильно.

मेरे मसालेदार हेरिंग को इतना मुश्किल से न दबाएं

This is supposed to say “Don’t squeeze my pickled herring so hard,” but who knows if it’s right. If this accidentally starts an international incident, I’m blaming Google translate.






4 thoughts on “Outreach to Russia and India”

  1. I am compromised! Damn it… Not good enough yet… I’ll get my chance. Just you wait!
    *The Russians are coming anyway! muhaha

    But seriously, given the overall randomness of this blog, I still laughed out loud upon reading what you’ve written there. Surprisingly, Google translate did a good job. No mistakes. The future sure looks all gloom and doom for professional translators with each passing day. Maybe it would be a good idea for the translators to start screwing with Google Translate en masse (there’s that function of manually correcting translations) so as to ensure their future?

    It’s not the message that might start an international incident, but the action – squeezing –
    if done in unison.
    Imagine what will happen if both Russians and Indians squeeze their pickled herrings too hard… It’s worth wargaming it, eh?

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