Like All the Rachels Before Me

You know how kings are often named with numbers when reusing the same name, such as Henry VIII?

What if the number system wasn’t based on just those with the same name in your family but anyone ever with the same name.

Therefore, I am Rachel the 807,359th.


I don’t know what Roman numeral that would be.







2 thoughts on “Like All the Rachels Before Me”

  1. To write that number in Roman numerals, you’d go like this:

    -First, write 807 in Roman numerals: DCCCVII.
    -Those numerals then get a bar drawn above them to indicate you’re multiplying by 1000. Unfortunately, my tablet has no way to indicate this through its keyboard.
    -Then, write 359 in Roman numerals: CCCILX.
    -Altogether, it should read Rachel DCCCVIICCCILX, with a bar over the DCCCVII.

    Even if that was rhetorical, I hope that helps.


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