I Need an Asian

Recently, I made a post about my wonderings of an Asian keyboard. What does it look like? Is there a word symbol for every keystroke?

So far, no Asian has commented the answer to my question. Sure, the question was rhetorical, but still.

How do you say “I need an asian” without sounding more raciest than I probably already do?






7 thoughts on “I Need an Asian”

  1. I’m not Asian, but I Asia for a living, so here goes. I keep my keyboard configured in the QWERT format, and then I type in the sounds of whatever Chinese or Japanese word I want to write. Since there are more words than sounds (this is mostly Chinese I’m talking about now), each sound will have many possible words. The computer lists them out, and then I choose one. For example, I type in XUE, and the computer lists (somewhere near the cursor) all the Chinese words that sound like XUE; I pick 學, the first choice, which means to study. I could also pick 血 (blood) or 雪 (snow). (NOTE: the pronunciations of these characters are not exactly the same, owing to the tonal difference, but that problem is left out of the typing process.)

    There are other ways to type in Chinese, such as building each character from its components, but I’ve never tried them.

    Japanese is similar, in that you choose possible words from pronunciations you type in.

    As for other Asian typing systems, I’m ignorant.

    BTW, I read your post on sushi and recall the time I ate a shrimp that was still twitching.


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