Drinking From Thimbles

I think from now on, I might only drink from thimbles.

That way, I’ll feel like a giant, like in Alice in Wonderland, and I’ll be super strong, and I’ll feel like I actually have some bit of control of my life and make better choices and not be a complete disappointment to my family and be equal to my siblings in their eyes and feel accomplished and fulfilled.

So, yeah, thimbles…






6 thoughts on “Drinking From Thimbles”

  1. I would not go cold turkey like that … please please try drinking wine from shot glasses first! PS- Lovely to meet you. Your vignettes add a lovely spice to my Reader 🙂


      1. Promise I shall. Even if you start posting in Ukrainian. Actually would you mind? Then they could invite me over for Borscht and translating at the same time.


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