Mario Bros. Suspicious Mushrooms

Don’t you find it odd that once Mario eats those funny mushrooms, he gets all big and spacial elements weird out. He’s high, bro.

I’m surprised he’s able to do highly athletic feats while so doped up.

You know, I have a feeling that the whole adventure was dreamed up after eating said mushroom. He never even left the castle.






One thought on “Mario Bros. Suspicious Mushrooms”

  1. Here’s irony for you… I read that the creators of Mario Bros. based the mushroom off of a real mushroom that causes the consumer to feel like the world around them is shrinking. Throw that in with your theory about the castle, and you get super Mario 2 which was all a dream, and super Mario 3 which was not real, but a play Mario and Luigi wrote based on their experiences in 1. lol. Great post. 🙂


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