Dead Bat Found in Salad

In Florida, a dead bat was found in a pre-packaged salad from Walmart. This is in the news.

Now, Ive had bad salads before, but this goes too far. The freshness of the salad was fine. The carrot slices were still crispy. Just dead bat.

At least the company stayed true to its word. It was organic.







4 thoughts on “Dead Bat Found in Salad”

  1. I usually prefer a few chicken strips or a boiled egg in my salad.
    Bat might be tasty though. I’ll have to give it a shot.


  2. A long time ago, the British satire troupe, Monty Python did a skit about chocolates with all sorts of insects and even an amphibian covered in luscious chocolate. You made me recall “Crunchy frog” !! Organic is sometimes too organic!


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